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As one of our favorite clients puts it: “When you have a tailored portfolio, you trust it more. Not absolutely — but you have a sense of ownership, accept the responsibility,
and feel more secure.”

Being local, we’re easy to talk to. We own the company,
and live here. Our hearts are in what we do.

In fact, our clients often find that we really
go out of our way to treat you as a special person.
Compared to a giant brokerage firm — where all you get is a
bunch of brochures whenever you have a question.

No matter how good your relationship is with somebody
at another company, they still work for a larger concern
that mandates performance, specific products, and methods.

It’s not that others blow off your questions, it’s
just that they have mandates to fulfill, which eliminates
options that may be of interest to you.

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