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We provide retirement plan consulting services
to trustees, and investment management and customized
education to participants in the plan.

  • li_bkg4   Our services enable trustees to meet their fiduciary
    obligations while providing a qualified plan designed to
    meet the long-term goals of the business and participants.
  • li_bkg4  We perform a detailed review and evaluation of
    any existing plan, apply a rigorous due diligence process
    to the products and services of investment providers and,
    based on the plan trustees’ goals, provide alternatives
    for an investment provider.
  • li_bkg4  We then make recommendations
    for the selection of specific investment alternatives to
    be offered to the plan participants. We prepare a formal
    Investment Policy Statement (IPS)  to outline the policies
    and procedures used for conducting initial and ongoing
    investment manager due diligence and for compliance
    with fiduciary responsibilities.
  • li_bkg4  We pride ourselves on quality education that’s
    specifically tailored to clients. We believe it is important
    to provide people with an understanding of investment
    concepts and the ability to develop personal
    investment strategies based on their own risk tolerance and stage in life.
  • li_bkg4  We provide participant education in group employee
    meetings and make ourselves available for follow-up,
    either face-to-face or by telephone.
  • li_bkg4  Participants are encouraged to contact Roehl & Yi with questions regarding any aspect of their 401(k) plan.
  • li_bkg4  In addition to enrollment meetings, we offer a series of continuing education  classes on savings, asset allocation and rebalancing, pre-retirement planning, social security,  financial planning and how to use your
    retirement plan’s website.

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